12/11/13: 18 months have passed by since our last update. Enjoy!

Wow, have the kids gotten this big already? In August of 2013, Josie started Kindergarten! Here is a picture of Josie's first day and Jake's first day two years earlier (same classroom!):

For Josie's pre-Kindergarten special trip, we headed to Disneyland for the 4th of July 2013 to meet all her favorite princesses (Jake got some fun in too)!

Summer 2013 flew by with family day trips, houseboating, and camping.

In the Spring of 2013, we visited the Big Island, Hawaii, with lots of turtle watching and snorkeling.

We visited Lake Tahoe in Winter 2012:

In Fall 2012, we celebrated Uncle Paul's wedding!

We also had our very first family photo shoot:

Summer 2012 included a houseboat trip:

11/18/12: Wow the time between updates just gets longer and longer... the goal is to get the entire past year uploaded in the next 30 days!

Here are photos from a busy Spring 2012:

We also took a few trips, including a family Spring Break trip to Hawaii in April:

and a trip to Beverly Hills in March for a special wedding!

And, to start off the year 2012, we headed to Lake Tahoe in winter:

12/30/11: Long overdue albums from the 2nd half of 2011!

We have our 2011 Christmas Photo Shoot:

For the fall, here are Sept-Dec 2011 and Jake's First Soccer Team:

For the summer we have Josie's 3rd Birthday and our July-August 2011 album. Jake started Kindergarten!!

And finally, we started an ongoing Art album to capture Jake & Josie's art projects through school... it will be continuously updated so we can remember every one of their beautiful creations!

7/27/11: This is a record -- FIVE new albums!

Summer Begins! Check out our San Diego Trip to LegoLand / SeaWorld before Jake starts Kindergarten, and June 2011:

Spring 2011 (Jake turned 5!) and our Trip to Illinois:

Winter 2010:

12/27/10: Finally caught up on the year! Check out 4 new albums:

Fall 2010 and our Hawaii Trip

Summer 2010 (Happy 2nd Birthday Josie!) and our Illinois Trip

7/10/10: Check out our Spring 2010 album (Jake turns 4, Josie 19-21 months).

6/3/10: Finally catching up on photos while on vacation... here's our Tahoe trip from early March!

4/12/19: After all this time (and after dealing with a stolen laptop), we finally have some new albums up, with a new Picasa format --

Winter 2009 (Jake almost 4, Josie 16-18 months):

Fall 2009 (Jake 3 1/2, Josie 13-15 months):

and our Korea Trip in October:

11/6/09: Late but worth it -- Our little Josie turned one in August! Check out her photos and slideshow from her birthday celebration (dol).

10/24/09: Can't believe summer's already over, where did the time go?!? Here's our Summer 2009 album.

7/7/09: Check out two new albums: April-May 2009 and Trip to Illinois.

Is Jake turning into his daddy? You decide: Jake in 2009 and Hank in 2002. Hope his bellybutton doesn't match.

5/1/09: Happy May Day! Here are our first 2009 albums, long overdue: Jan-Feb 2009 and March 2009. Happy 3rd Birthday Jake!

1/31/09: Happy New Year! Here are our November 2008 and December 2008 albums, a bit overdue. With a trip to LA, Josie's baekil, and the holidays, it's was a busy winter!

Just for kicks, check out Jake & Josie in the same PJs, both at almost exactly 3 months old!

11/22/08: Here is our October 2008 album! Can't wait for the holidays!

10/1/08: Welcome baby Josie!! Josephine was born on August 14, 2008 - Check out her first 6 weeks in our August 2008 and September 2008 albums - hope we get to see you soon!

8/6/08: Here are Jake's last albums before becoming an official big brother! 25-26 months (Springtime) and 27-28 months (Summertime).

5/18/08: Here are Jake's latest albums, 21-23 months (Holidays 2007) and Turning 2 Years Old (trips to Tahoe and Illinois).

2/8/08: Better late than never! Two albums added today, 18-21 months and Hawaii Trip 2007.

10/6/07: Finally! Check out Jake's 16-18 month album.

Also posted--pics from our Lake House 2007 trip!

7/28/07: 16 months old now, Jake's a toddler! Check out his 15-16 month album.

5/28/07: 14 months old today, it's been a while since the last update! Check out our past two months, as well as our pictures and slideshow from Jake's Dol Celebration in Chicago!

3/28/07: One year old!!! Time has really flown by! We've had a busy past two months. Check out My Eleventh Month and One Year Old albums. It's coming soon, but here's a preview pic from Jake's dol celebration in Chicago!

2/3/07: Jake's ten months old, and all ready for the Superbowl this weekend! Check out what we've been up to in 2007 so far in our new January album. Go Bears!

12/30/06: Merry Christmas!! What a great first Christmas--check out Jake's new December album, and have a safe and Happy New Year!!!

12/1/06: Eight months old now, and we just got back from a great Thanksgiving in Illinois! Happy Holidays!

11/2/06: Happy Halloween! Check out My Seventh Month--hope to see you soon!

9/29/06: Six months old today!!! Check out our two latest album additions: My Sixth Month and Lake House 2006.

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8/28/06: Getting stronger and stronger! Jake's five months old today, almost ready for the UFC! Check out his Fifth Month album, here's a preview:

7/28/06: Today Jake's 4 months old! Check out his latest albums, July 2006 and his very first Road Trip to Southern Cal!

7/6/06: Jake's baekil (100 days) was yesterday! Check out his latest pics, added to his June album and a new Baekil album (preview below).

6/18/06: Welcome back! And finally... Jake's first video clips!

5/26/06: Almost 2 months old and getting bigger and bigger! Check out how much Jake has grown already--from one week to 2 months!

Jake just met his grandparents (still waiting for Grandpa in Chicago), and is learning lots of new things! See his new "Second Month" photo album.

4/28/06: Welcome to Jake's website! Hope he gets to meet you all soon.